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EVP Exam Prep Workshop Outline

EVPrep™ Workshop Interactive On-line Webinar or On-site (16 Cat B PDUs*)

This workshop helps prepare you for the AACE Earned Value Professional (EVP®) examination. Developed and taught by EVPs with extensive EVM experience, this three session webinar or two day on-site workshop covers topics likely included in the five hour exam. After a review of the exam topics each attendee is given dozens of exam-like questions to answer before the next session. At the start of the next session there is discussion of each question, possible answers, the correct answer, and the logic behind the question. Even if you have been practicing EVM for years, this workshop will cover those topics included on the exam that you don't practice regularly or have not encountered.

Some EVPs have said this is most difficult certification exam they have taken from either AACE or PMI®. The pass rate varies around 54%. (We do not require our customers to tell us how they did so we don't have pass rate for the EVPrep Workshop but see their comments below.)

Please note: Management Technologies does not administer the EVP exam. AACE is the exam authority and you must apply to AACE to sit for the exam.

Previous attendees have reported their exam outcomes. Statistical analysis of these reports has shown that that EVPrep attendees have a statistically higher likelihood of passing the EVP exam on their first try compared with the overall results reported by AACE. However, Management  Technologies does not guarantee passing the EVP exam due to the variety of factors that come into play on exam day including examinee's prior rest periods, state of mind, general test taking skills, overall EVM experiences, etc.

Our public EVPrep webinars are conducted as a series of three webinar sessions that last three to four hours each. Sessions are held over three consecutive weeks, one session per week.

Sessions one through three include assigned work that is reviewed during the next webinar. The workshop outline shows the topics and assignment for each webinar session. On-site sessions follow the same outline over two days.


Workshop seminars are three sessions.

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Attendees also receive:


"I would like to thank you for the wonderful training and preparation you provided for the EVP exam. I took the exam on March 10th and just got confirmation that I passed the EVP.

Thanks again….I have recommended your class to all my coworkers interested in getting this certification.

Genny Gadwale

“Your workshop was instrumental in me passing this exam.  It really focused my attention to specific areas so that I could make the most of the time I had to study.  Please keep doing what you’re doing.  You are providing a much needed service to industry!”

Sharon D. Marsh, PMP, EVP

Deputy Director/Deputy Division Manager



“Couldn't have done it without your prep course and materials. They were absolutely awesome!  I rarely use the word "awesome" to describe my feelings. But in this case, it precisely captured my feeling.

Herb Fauth

Senior Principal Systems Engineer

 Raytheon Company

Tucson, AZ

"Ray, You're my hero! Thanks for taking the time to teach the class. It was a great review of the material and, combined with your study guide, was an indispensable resource. I'll definitely be giving it (and you) a plug throughout the halls of government. Thanks again!"

Guy Schein, EVP

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Silver Spring, MD

"I took your EVP Prep Course last year before the IPMC and followed by taking the test after. I did pass much to my surprise. Thanks for your help. "

Mike Cuticchia, EVP


Program Administration


"I was told I passed all 4 sections and I'm pretty confident that I would NOT of passed the exam without your class and your study question. Your class & study questions were extremely relevant and helpful in passing the exam! Thank you so much!!"

David B. Roy


"I took your course on September 16/17 in Reston VA. I was informed last week that I passed the test. I found the your prep for the written essay (part II) to be most helpful."

Brian Lewis



"Thanks for coming Ray, we enjoyed the EVP prep class and all the insight you had to share."

Jennifer O'Rarden, PMP,

URS (EGG Inc.)


"Hey Ray, I got it. EVP Exam: Pass Thanks for the training. Woo Hoo. "

Joe Hamilton, EVP

Hewett Associates

"Your class was very beneficial."


SRA International, Inc.


The Ray Stratton course was the most significant contributor to success, as he emphasized the discipline necessary to finish each section..

Jim Simon

LInkedIn Comment


"I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know that I took the EVP exam on Saturday, and boy was it grueling!  It certainly was an interesting exam, but your materials certainly helped me out."

Jhaymee S. Wilson, MSPM, PMP®
Federal Public Sector | Strategy and Services
Deloitte Consulting LLP

"I just received word that I passed the EVP exam. Thanks for the class you did for us! The 4 things I found most useful to study were the 1-page Gold Card, ANSI-748, the ANSI-748 Intent Guide, and your workbook of sample questions."

Richard Filemyr, PMP, EVP

Project Controls Manager LES

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Workshop Outline

The "Parts" listed below are not in the EVP Exam order.  The workshop sequence is designed to build from concepts, to application, then story problems, and finally the memo.


Webinar Day 1

About the EVP Exam

The Exam Parts

About the Workshop

Workshop Outline

Application Process

EVP Reference Material

Test Taking Strategies


EVM History

EVM Concepts And Definitions


General Organization, Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting

EIA 748 Organization Guidelines

Project Organization via OBS and WBS

Control Accounts

Work Authorization and the Responsibility Assignment Matrix

EIA 748 Planning, Scheduling, Budgeting Guidelines

Schedule Hierarchy and the WBS/OBS

Critical Path Scheduling and Milestones

Budget Baseline

Contingency, Management Reserve, Undistributed Budget

Over Target Baselines

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Work Packages and Planning Packages

Planning Direct, Indirect, and Material Costs

Cost Elements

Earned Value Methods/Techniques

Contract Types

Integrated Baseline Reviews

Accounting, Analysis, and Revisions

EIA 748 Analysis and Management Guidelines

Recording Direct, Indirect, and Material Costs

Cost of Money, Overhead, and Burden

EVM Variances and Indices (SV, CV, SPI, CPI)

Variance Thresholds

Critical Path Analysis

EVM Forecasts (TCPI, EAC, ETC)

Subcontract Management

EIA 748 Revisions and Data Maintenance Guidelines

Baseline Maintenance

Change Control

Contract Changes

Internally Replanning

Retroactive Changes

Document Control

Applying Earned Value Management

EVM Analysis Products (SV, CV, SPI, CPI, TCPI)

Estimates at complete (EACS, three formulas)

Trial Exam Part 1  EVM and Planning Terms and Concepts

Trial Exam Part 2  EVM Data Analysis


Webinar Day 2


Question by question review of Trial Exam Part 1 and 2

Communicating EVM information

Recommending approach

Possible memo outline

Approach to completing the Part II written answer

Trial Exam Part 3 Complex Story Problem

Trial Exam Part 4 The EVP Memo Exercise


Webinar Day 3


Question by question review of Trial Exam Part 3 and 4

Exam Strategy and Time Management

Strategy and Tactics

Exam time budgets

Closing Comments



Fourteen Category B PDUs may be claimed by those who attend all sessions. Management Technologies guarantees PMI's acceptance of our training as a source of PDUs. If PMI challenges your claim for Category B PDUs from our training we will provide all support and documentation requested by PMI. Should PMI deny a PDU claim for our training we will refund fees paid upon receipt of PMI documentation.

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