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The Earned Value Management Maturity Model or EVM3®


Our five step Earned Value Management Maturity Model®, or EVM is a maturity model for organizations to use in implementing and improving their Earned Value Management Systems. Firms with an ANSI/EIA 748 compliant Earned Value Management System (EVMS) can use the EVM3 to establish Earned Value Management process metrics and create EVMS improvement plans. The "Earned Value Management Maturity Model" book is published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Read the review in PM World Today.

Management Technologies provides EVMS assessments using both the Model and ANSI 748..


How do you assess an organization’s capability in applying Earned Value Management (EVM)?

What is the subset of ANSI/EIA 748 requirements which are sufficient to get started in EVM?

How do you know that your potential teammate or contractor has a competent EVM system in place?

How do you demonstrate to potential customers your EVMS maturity?

The Five Levels of EVM3

Level I describes an organization with no or limited EVM implementation in place. This level provides a defined starting point for an initial implementation of EVM and does not require a large commitment of resources.

Level II defines an EVM implementation which is less than fully compliant with ANSI 748, but may be sufficient for smaller projects or for a simplified EVM implementation. The resulting initial benefits of a Level II EVM implementation are consistent with the modest investment, thus creating a positive “first use” of EVM. This encourages further use of EVM, further investment in EVM, and a goal of attaining higher levels of EVM3. Further, Level II allows for a defined, but less than full, implementation which should provide valuable project insight at a lower cost to the [Government] customer.

Level III is an ANSI/EIA 748 compliant implementation.

Level IV adds guidelines for measuring the quality of EVM data and introduces metrics for measuring the health of an Earned Value Management System.

The highest level of the EVM3, Level V, requires monitoring the efforts to improve an Earned Value Management system. Organizations with an ANSI or DoD compliant EVM implementation can use Levels IV and V as goals for improving the utility, timeliness, accuracy, and cost effectiveness of their EVM systems.

The EVM3 and its Key Process Areas are described fully in the book: The Earned Value Management Maturity Model available from Barrett-Koehler Publishers.

Contact us at webinfo@mgmt-technologies.com for more information about the Model. Also be sure to visit our EVM3 assessments page.

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