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Consulting and Process Engineering

Consulting and Process Engineering Services

Management Technologies provides consulting services to help engineer EIA 748 EVMS (earned value management systems), perform EVMS gap analysis, and provide project planning support for EVM reporting. We also provide third party assessments of EVMS to determine compliance with EIAI 748.

These services may be used to assist organizations in applying EVM to a specific project, develop organization wide EVMS, or document an EIA 748 EVMS for customers and government agencies.

Some of our more recent consulting efforts are described below:

Earned Value Management Process Engineering:

CASE 1. Success story. The US Federal Agency's contractor had failed to meet their customer's expectation and requirement in implementing an EIA 748 EVMS. The CPRs were there, the data was there, but the data did not properly report progress or costs. Processes were not ANSI 748 compliant. The EVM System Description was more about what EVM is than how they performed EVM. We assisted in defining compliant processes. We helped them get the EVM data correct. We helped author their System Description. We provided CAM training. We provided mock CAM interviews.

With their EVMS up and running we performed two surveillance reviews while the Agency processed their request for a EIA 748 validation review. The review was preceded by a Program Assist Visit (PAV). The PAV found NO corrective actions were needed. They received an Agency letter confirming their EIA 748 compliance, WITHOUT a subsequent Validation Review!

CASE 2. Management Technologies assisted a large IT services organization implement earned value management to meet EVM requirements now appearing in US Government RFPs. By using their existing projects and project management processes, we are introducing EVM thorough a step-by-step process. Our EzEVMExcel templates provide quick capture of the project baseline, and helps their staff become familiar with EVM concepts and analysis tools. This process will be complete with the publication of their EVMS System Description, directives, processes, and desk instructions.

CASE 3.  Management Technologies was selected by a state energy agency to implement a simplified EVMS on their IT projects. By using our EzEVMExcel templates we were able to implement a solution in three days on five pilot projects. Currently the template is being expanded to support a PMO level EVM summary, and we will be assisting in authoring policies and procedures.

CASE 4. Management Technologies was selected to help a major US Government agency's IT organization implement earned value management to meet OMB expectations. After conducting three Earned Value Experience™ workshops we assisted implementing EVM on three pilot projects. These projects helped educate the workforce on the application of EVM on their projects and defined how EVM would be implemented on the remaining projects.

CASE 5. Management Technologies helped a DoD Contractor's IT organization implement an earned value management system to meet internal reporting requirements. This EzEVMExcel template solution integrated their MS Project schedule and internal financial reporting. Results included project performance charts and forecasts used in monthly project reporting. We also authored their EVMS implementing policies, directives, and procedures.

Earned Value Management System Gap Analysis: A US Defense subcontractor was required to meet the ANSI 748 EVMS requirements if they were to be selected as a subcontractor for a major US Navy program. We were contracted to perform an EVMS "gap" analysis to determine where they failed to meet the EIA 748 criteria.  Our product included a gap analysis report and action plan they did NOT execute.  They were subsequently awarded the subcontract they sought. A DCMA audit found them non-compliant in the identical guidelines we had identified.

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