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ANSI 748 Gap Analysis and Certification

EIA 748 Certification

EIA 748 third party certification is available from Management Technologies. Using the process described below we review your Earned Value Management system (EVMS) for compliance with the EIA 748 criteria and the NDIA EVMS Intent Guide, if applicable. A confidential report provides you with our assessment of any short fall in meeting the Standard and our recommendations for follow-on action.

EIA 748 Assessment, Gap Analysis, and Certification Process

An assessment is usually completed within one week. Our assessment leaders form an assessment team consisting of personnel from Management Technologies and from your own organization.  It is the client's responsibility to identify the organization to be examined.  This may be a site, department, business unit, agency, project, program etc. Your people are fully integrated into the assessment team and report to the lead assessor during the effort. We include your staff for three very important reasons:  (1) Augmenting our team with your personnel reduces your cost. (2) The larger team can complete the assessment more quickly. (3) Your employees retain the knowledge from the assessment and can be your leaders in making further improvements to your Earned Value Management system.

All assessments are performed with the highest regard for the client's privileged information. The final report is considered confidential information and is only provided to specific named employees of the client.

The assessment generally follows a process beginning with a pre-assessment. This effort includes a review of relevant corporate Earned Value directives, sample reports, and selected projects' history. It is during this period that the client's assessment personnel are identified.

The actual assessment begins with a meeting of the key individuals within the organization. This meeting establishes the climate for the assessment and introduces the team to the organization, key roles, and administrative matters. During this meeting the team is provided detailed data and points of contact for the projects and departments that will be interviewed during the visit. A schedule for the week's events is established to coordinate efforts and minimize the impact to the client's on-going work.

Throughout the assessment the team reviews project material, conducts interviews, and provides management with daily reports on any administrative or other problems that may impede the team's progress.

The team then produces its initial findings and recommendations, and reviews them in draft form with the organization's senior management. This draft review provides the team necessary feedback to ensure that they have not mis-interpreted any data or missed significant data that should be considered.

Based upon the responses to the draft report, and any additional information, the team produces the final report for management. Depending on the goal of the assessment this report will indicate ANSI 748 compliance results or identify gaps and an action plan