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EVM Proposal Development

EVM Proposal Development

Do you need to address EVM in your proposal? Management Technologies provides consulting and authoring services to help address specific EVM requirements that are required to respond to RFPs.

Often RFPs require that bidders address how EVM will be applied on the proposed effort or how an EIA 748 EVMS will be established after contract award. If done well a description of how EVM is applied can help win the job. If done poorly it might just cause a proposal to be rejected regardless of how well other areas are addressed.

Your customers look for a proposed EVM implementation that shows knowledge about EVM processes, appropriate placement of Control Accounts, and supports EVM data collection. They expect EVM data will be timely, accurate, and actionable. Trying to learn how to address EVM requirements while under the pressure to complete a proposal likely results in a less optimal EVM approach. Your customers can view this as an increased cost for EVM that is passed on to them, and lower EVM data quality.

The cost and challenges of meeting EIA 748 can be reduced by addressing EVM requirements during initial project planning and proposal development. When EVM is addressed while structuring the project organization (OBS) and WBS it can reduce the cost of performing EVM and improve data quality and ease of reporting.

Earned Value Management Volume Management: Management Technologies was selected by a midsize US DoD contractor to manage the EVMS Volume of the proposal. An EIA 748 EVMS was not in place. The volume addressed the EVM process as well as how the baseline would address the program's characteristics and meet EIA 748 shortly after contract award. The volume was accepted by the DoD customer as meeting their requirements.

Earned Value Management Process Proposal: A small (under 100 employees) US Government contractor was required to meet a specified subset of EIA 748. A proposal was developed that addresses how this requirement was met. The firm was awarded the $50M IDIQ contract.

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