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The Very Best of The EVM Newsletter

Beginning in August 2009 we published The EVM Newsletter as a periodic email. Over the next nine years it was published monthly, and later bi-monthly to over 4,000 subscribers. In early 2019 we ceased publishing The EVM Newsletter.

As a newsletter, each issue contained timely information of value to the EVM community. Each EVM Newsletter also included a “tidbit” – an idea or concept intended to help implement or otherwise improve earned value management.

We have reviewed each EVM Newsletter for timeless content of value or interest. This became The Very Best of the EVM Newsletter.

While timely news has limited long term value, the tidbits remain valid and valuable ideas to consider in implementing EVM. "The Very Best of the EVM Newsletter"  has captured each of these ninety-four tidbits.

In addition to the Tidbits , other sections in The Very Best of the EVM Newsletter include some past news of major events in the EVM community, the passing of some EVM leaders, and a series of quotes that were part of each issue.  

It's 194 pages or so. There are five sections covering, in order, Tidbits, Articles and News, Leaders We Lost, Awards, and Quotes.

Each page contains one, or maybe two short tidbits or hints. Read a page a day, or read the whole document in bigger chunks. 

Are there typos in the EVM Newsletter? Yes, I am sure. It’s said one can’t debug their own software, nor proofread their own material. Are the few hyperlinks active? No, this could not be accomplished.

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I hope you find this document useful and entertaining, and a brief history of EVM through the period of 2009-2018.

Ray Stratton, EVP, PMP




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