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Earned Value Professional Certification FAQs

The FAQs below may answer some of your questions about the certification and certification process. If not just send an e-mail and you will get an answer.

How many people have the EVP certification?

As of January 2017 there about 500 active EVPs.


How long has the EVP been around?

The EVP has been offered since 2005.


Who administers the EVP certification?

AACE International.


Who values the EVP?

As awareness of the EVP has grown so has interest in the EVP. The desirability of EVP certified staff now appears in some US Government RFPs. Booz Allen Hamilton, CSC, CH2M-Hill, and Fluor have prepared their EVM workforce for the EVP exam in the hopes they’d have a cadre of EVPs as a result. Employers who are augmenting their EVM staff value the EVP as proof of one's experience and knowledge of EVM.


How much does the exam cost?

In 2016 the exam fees for AACE members were: $500USD, non-members $625 USD. There is no early discount. Check with AACE for their current fees.


How has the US Government shown its interest in the EVP?

As an example, the US Coast Guard (part of Homeland Security) issued an RFP for EVM services. The RFP stated "The project manager shall possess an ... Earned Value Professional (EVP) certification." A potential bidder asked for relief and was told, "The AACEi Earned Value Professional (EVP) is a USCG requirement. While many professionals do EVM, EVP certification provides an exam and experience validation that provides us with confidence that the proposed PM meets the desired competency standards."


Is the EVP an entry requirement for practicing EVM?

No, in fact the EVP application requires at least 4 years of “cost engineering” experience which may be in EVM, cost estimating, cost analysis, or related assignments.


Will the EVP retain its value?

The AACE certification process meets the Council of Scientific & Engineering Boards (CESB) and International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) standard for certifications. In addition AACE is very thorough in reviewing EVP applications and verifies the experience and education claims in all applications. Lastly the passing score is set high enough to distinguish true experts from less experienced and less knowledgeable individuals. AACE's priority is maintaining the quality of their certifications, not the number of certified individuals.


How would you define the role of a EVP in an organization?

AACE has not published an EVP "role model" or EVP job description. Based upon the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are likely tested the following description is applicable. (This has not been reviewed or approved by AACE.)


An EVP is capable of leading an organization’s EVM workforce. He or she can design an ANSI 748 compliant EVMS, provide EVMS process engineering, advise corporate leadership on EVMS, and interpret EVM performance data. The EVP can fully participate in proposal, pricing, planning, scheduling, risk management, and other project activities, and understands the domains of experts in these areas. The EVP is the EVM expert and advises the other domain experts regarding the ramifications of their decisions upon the EVM baseline and the utility of resulting performance data. The EVP understands the political environment surrounding the project and how to best communicate EVM performance data in each instance and each audience. Finally, the EVP can provide well written, logical, and persuasive communication to the project team, corporate leadership, and the customer.


How long is the EVP exam?

The exam is done via computer based testing (CBT). It consists of 120 questions, including a memo that must be written. It is a continuous exam and not done in "parts".  Five hours are allotted to complete the exam. There are no breaks and the timer cannot be paused for breaks. The memo uses a text editor.


What is the reference material for the exam questions?

The exam is based upon EIA 748 and the NDIA EVMS Intent Guide. These should be primary study materials. It does expect the applicant to know the basics of project management and project planning. The exam is NOT based upon any AACE publication, EVP study guide, or body of knowledge (unlike the PMP which is based solely on "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge",  the PMI PMBOK Guide).


How do I obtain EIA 748?

EIA 748 is sold by ANSI. Either 748B or 748C will do so if you have 748B you are all set.


Where are the EVP exams held?

The EVP exams are computer based.  The testing vendor is Kryterion.

Their locations can found on their website.In May 2019 it may change to PSI Services, Inc.


When are the EVP exams held?

There is no calendar of exam dates. Those approved by AACE to sit for the EVP exam will be provided detailed information on how to schedule their exam at a testing center.


How hard is the EVP exam?

Some people have said it’s the hardest of the PM and cost engineering family of exams. It requires insight into EVM data since a memo must be written addressing EVM and a project scenario. Here are the recent first time pass rates for the EVP exam, (year/rate).


  • 2010/46%

  • 2011/56%

  • 2012/66%

  • 2013/61%

  • 2014/54%

  • 2015/56%

  • 2016/46%

  • 2017/44%


When do I get my exam results?

Please check the AACE website or contact their office for current exam processing times.


How difficult is the EVP exam?

Most people find it the most challenging professional exam they have taken within the project management and project controls area. The first time pass rate remains about 56% after almost ten years of data. The exam may be retaken for an additional fee.


Is there a study guide?

Ray Stratton’s EVPrep Earned Value Professional (EVP) Exam Study Guide has over 230 exam-like questions. The goal of the Guide is to test your knowledge and ability to answer questions on topics that are likely on the exam. Users of the Guide report being better prepared for the EVP exam. AACE also has a study guide that provides summary discussions of exam topics.


Is there a EVPrep boot camp?

Yes. Management Technologies offers EVPrep™  Video Boot Camp that includes ten video session of about one hour each, and a review of exam-like questions. Attendees also get the EVPrep Earned Value Professional (EVP) Exam Study Guide.


Is there a EVPrep program for organizations?

Management Technologies can provide two-day on-site EVPrep workshops or instructor led live webinars for groups. Contact us for a quote. We also provide discounts for group purchase of the EVPrep Video Boot Camp and EVPrep Study Guide.


When should I apply to take the exam?

The application process requires about 45 days so apply at any time. Once you are approved to sit for the exam you will have 6 months to take the exam.


What study materials are available?

Of course EIA 748 and the NDIA EVMS Intent Guide should be primary study materials. Any of several books on EVM should be reviewed. “A Practical Guide to Earned Value Project Management” by Budd and Budd, published by Management Concepts is recommended. AACE has other recommendations as well. In addition one should review a text book on project planning, risk management, and project organizational structures. The PMI PMBOK Guide is one of many sources. AACE also sells a study guide through their bookstore.


Can I use a calculator during the exam?

Yes. AACE allows programmable and/or financial calculators to be used during the exam. AACE does not allow mobile phones in the exam room so do not plan using the calculator in your mobile (cell) phone.



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