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Are you looking for help in learning or applying earned value management? You have come to the right place!

Management Technologies specializes in Earned Value Management (EVM) training, consulting, and process engineering.  We have been doing this since 1998 and have helped organizations large and small implement EVM, train their workforce, and help them meet US Government EVM requirements. Here is how we might be able to help you....

EVP Exam Video Boot Camp and EVPrep Study Guide

We are the exclusive source of the EVP Exam Video Boot Camp. The Video Boot Camp, instructor led webinar, or on-site workshop helps experienced EVM professionals prepare for the five hour Earned Value Professional (EVP) certification exam administered by AACE.

For ten years "Ray Stratton's Earned Value Professional (EVP) Exam Study Guide" has been the "go to" source for EVP exam preparation. It has been shown to statistically improve the chances of passing the EVP exam.

EVM Analytics™

EVM Analytics™ is a MS Excel workbook that performs:

  • Identification of “strange” data entries

  • Earned Schedule analysis

  • Statistical prediction of final best/worse CPI and SPI (t)

  • Statistical prediction of best/worse final cost and schedule outcomes

  • Knowing when rebaselining might be a good idea

  • Knowing when recovery is impossible

  • Traditional EVM data analysis

You just import, or enter, your program's EVM data (PV, EV, AC) and their dates. EVM Analytics will give you more insight into your program than traditional EVM data analysis. (It also does traditional analysis.)


Our two-day Earned Value Experience™ on-site workshop has been used by government, industry, and individuals to understand and deploy EVM. It's hands on and MS excel templates provide a familiar training platform and a tool for deploying EVM.

EIA 748 Gap Analysis & Surveillance Reviews

A Gap Analysis or Surveillance Review can show you where your project or organization may short of the EIA 748 EVMS requirements. This gap analysis can also validate your internal gap analysis to make sure you are working smart to meet close the real gaps.  A Surveillance Review can show you where you may fall short of meeting EIA 748 so you can fix it before your customer finds the shortfall.

EVM Process Engineering

We provide process engineering to assist in implementing EVM or improving EVM to meet EIA 748, the US mandated standard for EVM on federal projects. We start with what you have in place already. An EVMS that uses existing scheduling systems and finance systems means a lower cost implementation, less risk, and familiar tools.

EVM Proposal Support

Writing a proposal is a stressful exercise with short timeframes, limited resources, and customer demands. An in depth knowledge of EVM is needed if EVM is a required proposal topic . Management Technologies can provide proposal support to assist in describing or defining how EVM will be applied on the proposed effort. With a well designed implementation the OBS, WBS, EVMS, scheduling and finance systems can work in harmony to produce accurate and timely EVM data. If not, needless expense and workload may be part of each month's EVM reporting.

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Visit the links at the left to learn how the company began, what services we offered, and the list of topics we can bring to you as economical on-site training. On-site events can be tailored to meet the just in time training needs of your company.

Please e-mail us with your questions about our services, pricing, available engagement dates, or general project management concerns.

Management Technologies is ready to help.

Give me a call. Tell me about your EVM challenge. You're sure to get some ideas to help.

Ray W. Stratton, PMP, EVP

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 EVM3  assessments and EIA 748 compliance reviews

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