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The EVM Newsletter Tidbits
  Since 2009 Management Technologies has published The EVM Newsletter. In each issue is a "tidbit"; an idea or concept help your implementation of EVM easier, or more effective, or better, or...

The list below identifies each tidbit title and links you to the archived version of the appropriate EVM Newsletter.

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Tidbits from past issues of The EVM Newsletter

EVM's SIx Rules

Consensus Can be Bad

Backwards Thinking

Selling EVM to the Execs

Orphaned Apportion Effort

How WBS Drives EVM Costs

EVM and Mission Impossible

Early Start and Late Start PMBs

Finding Archived Tidbits

EVM or WBS First?

Material and EVM, Pt #1

Material and EVM, Pt #2

Material and EVM, Pt #3

Material, Epilogue

Avoiding Planned Variances

Finding Root Causes

Control Account, Where Are Thou (Pt. 1)

Control Account, Where Are Thou (Pt. 2)

Precision and Accuracy

Avoiding Planned Variances

Summary Level EACs

Detail Planning Increases Costs Estimates

Major Tom and EVM

Keeping Simple Projects Simple

Unselling EVM

Risk Tolerance and Estimates

It's Not Just Data

Is SV Sending Wrong Signals?

Work or Work Packages 1st

EVM Data- No Surprises

The Value of EVM Pack Rats

Leading Costs

Why Have Work Packages?

Controlling CA Costs

All Variances are Not Equal

EAC Formulas

Cost Collection for Work Packages

Delivering the EVM Message

EV is not a Click Away

Eyeing the Critical Path

"Semper Gumby"

When Customers Drive SPI Down

"Integration" is not Integration

Roadmaps and EVM

Obtaining EV

Can You Handle the Truth?

Why Not Just Reconcile?

Schedules and WIPs

"Integration" is not Integration

Three is the Magic Number

When Schedule Doesn't Matter

ANSI 748 Simplified, Pt #1

ANSI 748 Simplified, Pt #2

Avoiding Risky /Project Program Managers #1

Avoiding Risky /Project Program Managers #2

Being Successful while Failing

Where to put Unpriced Work (AUW) Budgets

Estimating Outcomes

The Golden Rule of Project Control

Setting EVM Up for Failure

Empowering CAMs

Task Overload & EVM

The BEST EVM Method

Orphaned Apportion Effort

More Detail, Less Accuracy

Being Like an Ostrich is Good!

Beware of Reverse Delegation

More LOE Please


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